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Stamp Out Hunger

The Results Are In!!!!

Food Drive '15 (RGB) flatThis years NALC Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive raised 72,541 pounds!!! There was a total of 70,163 pounds collected on Saturday, May 9th and an additional 2,378 pounds came throughout the following week.

We’ve Got A New Name

Fredericksburg Area Food Bank is now the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank

Logo_FRFBFredericksburg, VA May 6, 2015: To better position the food bank to meet the needs of our diverse region and expand our message to accommodate future growth, the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank (FAFB) will now become the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank (FRFB) effective immediately.

For 33 years the FAFB has provided for the residents of Planning District 16 (PD16) to include the counties of Stafford, Spotsylvania, Caroline, King George, the City of Fredericksburg and now Locust Grove. Early last year, Feeding America, the largest domestic hunger relief organization which oversees the nationwide network of food banks, launched a new unified brand strategy to better align Feeding America food banks under a coordinated banner. Feeding America food banks will become easily identified through all communication channels using uniform color and clear messaging standards for consistent brand recognition of the 200 food banks that provide for the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

According to Board Chair, Tim Jeter, “In researching how these changes would impact our food bank we found the community’s perception of how and where the food bank provides service has become very exclusive over time. According to feedback, our name implies we provide only for the immediate Fredericksburg area and not for the entire PD16 region. In making changes to our logo, the Board decided to clarify our message to accommodate future growth.”

Oya Oliver, CEO stated “This [rebranding] will allow the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank to continue to deliver on our promise of creating a hunger-free community as well as grow to meet the needs of the 30,000 hungry and food insecure families that live in our region.”


About Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank
Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank – Serving Planning District 16 which includes the counties of Stafford, Spotsylvania, King George, Caroline, the City of Fredericksburg, and Locust Grove. The food bank secures and distributes more than 3.7 million pounds of donated food and grocery products annually. The FRFB provides support for over 70 local charitable agencies, operating more than 160 programs including emergency shelters, food pantries, Food for Life senior feeding , the Mobile Pantry program, Club Kids after school snack program, Food-4-Families School Pantry program and the Kids on the Go Summer Feeding. For more information on the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank, please visit

24 Hours of Prizes

Community Give May 5, 2015

Unique Gifts – One online gift of $25 or more to one organization from one donor.

Grand Prizes

  • $10,000 The Community Foundation “Grand” Prize – awarded to the nonprofit that raises the highest total dollar amount
  • $10,000 Kaeser Compressors “Grand” Prize – awarded to the nonprofit that receives the most unique gifts
  • $10,000 The Community Enrichment “Grand” Prize – awarded to the nonprofit that wins a random drawing. To qualify, the nonprofit must receive at least 100 unique gifts.

“Small But Mighty” – $1,000 to the nonprofit that receives the most unique gifts during the following time periods. To qualify, the nonprofit must be operated entirely by volunteers or have no more than 1 fulltime employee.

  • Kelly and Fitz Johnson Overall Prize – between 12:00am & 11:59pm
  • Hagerman Group Prize – between 12:00am & 1:00am
  • Access Eye Opener Prize – between 6:00am & 8:00am
  • Stafford Printing Afternoon Social Prize – between 4:00pm & 5:00pm
  • Marstel-Day Pinnacle Prize – between 9:00pm & 11:00pm

The Honeywell Charitable Fund “Golden Ticket”– $500 “Golden Tickets” to two nonprofits that are drawn hourly and at random for 24 hours. To qualify, the nonprofit must receive at least one unique gift during the hour. A unique gift is at least $25 and the credit card has not been used for a previous gift that day.

“No Place like Home” Prizes – $1,500 to the 5 nonprofits that receive the most unique gifts from each of the localities that make up the Rappahannock River region. Prizes awarded based on the zip code of the donor.

  • Caroline County zip codes: 22427, 22428, 22446, 22501, 22535, 22538, 22546, 22552, 22580
  • City of Fredericksburg zip codes: 22401, 22402, 22404
  • King George County zip codes: 22485, 22481, 22448, 22541, 22526, 22544, 22547
  • Spotsylvania County zip codes: 22407, 22408, 22551, 22553, 22565, 22534
  • Stafford County zip codes: 22403, 22405, 22406, 22430, 22463, 22471, 22545, 22554, 22555, 22556

Power Hour Prizes – $2,000 to the 3 nonprofits that receive the most unique gifts during the following time periods:

  • SimVentions Midnight Shift – between 12:00am & 1:00am
  • Atlantic Builders Crack of Dawn – between 6:00am & 8:00am
  • Breeze-Eastern Afternoon Lift – between 4:00pm & 5:00pm
  • Union Bank and Trust Home Stretch – between 9:00pm & 11:00pm

Goal Prizes – To celebrate this year’s goals, we will award:

  • $500 to the nonprofit that receives the 7,500th gift
  • $500 to the nonprofit that receives the gift that reaches the 750,000th dollar

Last year we had 87 gifts totaling $4, 618 plus we won a Golden Ticket = Grand total of $5,618.00. This year’s goal is 120 gifts and a Grand Total of at least $8,500 to repair the dock-Dock on it…We need your help!

Today is Raisin Day!

Did You Know

Raisins can be used to add texture and flavor to meatballs, meat loaf or hamburgers while helping to prevent drying.

How To Select

Avoid darkened or moldy raisins

How To Store

Store unopened containers of raisins at room temperature. Refrigerate after opening.

Nutrition Benefits

Fat free, saturated fat-free, very low sodium, cholesterol free

Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Raisins

  1. Top Your Bagel! Tiered of boring bagels? Mash ripe bananas, spread the mixture over a bagel, and top with raisins
  2. Top Your Salad. Salad just got a sweet surprise when you add raisins, dried apple slices, mandarin oranges, and cranberries to a bed of your favorite field greens.
  3. A Sweet Surprise in Mashed Potatoes. Try adding raisins to those mashed Yukon Golds, or even mashed sweet potatoes.
  4. Trail Mix. Trail mix isn’t the same without raisins.
  5. Raisins and Berries Instead of Syrup! The next time you make pancakes, toss a fistful or raisins into the batter. Instead of using syrup, top your pancakes with fresh berries.
  6. Chick Salad Sandwich. Try adding raisins to your next tuna or chicken salad sandwich. Mix diced chicken or tuna, mayonnaise, chopped celery, raisins, diced green peppers, and diced onions in a large bowl. Serve inside a warmed whole wheat pita or on whole wheat bread.
  7. Substitute for Chocolate. Hold the sprinkles and ass some raisins! Scoop your favorite ice cream over a peeled banana and sprinkle raisins on top.
  8. Popcorn, Raisins and Cayenne Pepper? Mix a cup of raisins into a large bowl of freshly popped popcorn for a sweet movie treat. For an added kick, sprinkle a little cayenne pepper or old bay seasoning over the mixture.
  9. Top Your Cereal or Yogurt. Top off cereal or oatmeal with a handful of raisins, sliced bananas, and chopped fresh berries. Also, try adding this fruit mixture to low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese.
  10. Ants on a Log. Spread peanut butter over a peeled banana and sprinkle raisins on top. For a crunchier twist, use a pretzel rod or apple slices instead of a banana.

Today Is…

National Tell A Story Day!

Tell a Story Day celebrates story-telling of all kinds. It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction or non-fiction, a tall tale, or folk-lore. Today is day to tell them all.

In honor of Tell A Story Day here’s a list of some kid friendly books about hunger:

One Potato, Two Potato by Cynthia DeFelice

Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen by Dyanne Disalvo-Ryan

Tight Times by Trina Schart Hyman

A Kids’ Guide to Hunger & Homelessness: How To Take Action! by Tracy Apple Howard with Sage Howard

Beatrice’s Goat by Lori Lohstoeter

The Good Garden: How One Family Went from Hunger to Having Enough by Katie Smith Milway

Material World: A Global Family Portrait by Peter Menzel and Charles C. Mann (while not a children’s book it is still a great book with photographs that show families from around the world surrounded by their household items.)

National Picnic Day

It’s National Picnic Day! People have been eating their meals outside in the beauty of nature for centuries. In fact, our modern-day idea of a picnic evolved from Medieval hunting feasts and Victorian garden parties. These were usually quite sophisticated affairs, which involved multiple courses and elaborate preparations.

During the early 19th century a group of wealthy London citizens formed “The Picnic Society” to promote picnics as social gatherings. These picnics were potlucks, and each participant also had to provide a share of the entertainment. The society members drank from crystal goblets and listened to a live string quartet while eating their meal! Today, picnics are usually casual meals enjoyed on a comfortable picnic blanket.

Grow For Your Neighbor

GFYNYour donations help sustain gardens at area shelters, libraries, and schools as well as provide garden components to local families in need.

Please help GFYN in their mission to provide fresh food to food bank recipients, by empowering families to grow for themselves and experience the joy and benefits of healthy eating.

Your tax deductible donations to GFYN can be made here.

For more information on GFYN please visit their website.

Stamp Out Hunger

23rd Annual National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) Food Drive

Food Drive '15 (RGB) flatOn Saturday, May 9, 2015, the NALC will collect food donations in order to provide assistance to the millions that are struggling with hunger across America. Look for a Stamp Out Hunger Letter Carrier Food Drive postcard in your mailbox right before the food drive!

Now in its 23rd year, the Stamp Out Hunger effort is the nation’s largest single-day food drive.

Last year our community donated 77,082 pounds of non-perishables to the NALC’s Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.

To participate:
1) Collect and bag non-perishable food items*
2) Place by your mailbox on May 9th for your letter carrier to pick up

For more information about the annual Stamp Out Hunger effort in your community, ask your letter carrier, contact your local post office, visit either or, or follow the drive at

For a list of our most needed items click here.

* Donate items like canned meats, fish, soup, bottled juice, vegetables, pasta, cereal and rice that do not require refrigeration. Please do not include items that have expired or are in glass containers.

The Legends Give Back – Changed Schedule

Leader In Sports has partnered with B101.5 to have 8-10 football legends sign autographs with 100% of the proceeds going to the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank’s children programs.

CHANGED Schedule Due To Unforeseen Events:

  • Frenchy Fuqua (Steelers Immaculate Reception & 2x Super Bowl Champ
  • Jay Schroeder (Redskins Super Bowl Champ & Raiders Starting QB)
  • Boyd Dowler (Packers 5x World Champ & ROY 59)
  • Neal Olkewicz (Redskins 2 Time Super Bowl Champ)
  • Keith Griffin (Redskins Super Bowl Champ & Miami National Champ)
  • Reggie Harrison (Steelers 2 Time Super Bowl Champ)
  • Mike Nelms (Redskins Super Bowl Champ & 70 Greatest Washington Redskins)
  • Jimmie Jones (Redskins 72 NFC Champ)
  • Scott Norwood (Buffalo Bills 2x AFC Champion & JMU Alumni)
    • Unable To Attend
      • Ted Marchibroda (Ravens 1st Head Coach & Steelers Starting QB)
      • Maxie Baughan (Eagles World Champ & 9x Pro Bowler)

Individual Autographs: $15
Super Tickets (not available for mail order): Now $90 ($10 refunds are available at the event for those that have already purchased a Super Ticket at it’s previous price of $100)

Mail Order is welcome and Baughn and Marchibroda have agreed to sign mail order items along with shipping charges or can be picked up at B101.5

100% of public autograph tickets go directly to the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank to benefit all of their children’s programs

For more information: or 540-419-3404
Make sure you “like” us:

Giant OFF Kids on the Go Kitchen Dedication

The official dedication of the Giant Our Family Foundation Kids on the Go Kitchen will take place next Thursday, April 16, at the FAFB. We are very excited about our summer feeding program and all that Giant is doing to help end childhood hunger. I look forward to seeing you at the event as together we end hunger in our community.


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