Hunger Action Month

Take action and fight hunger in our community.

September is Hunger Action Month, the time of year when we ask everyone within our community to unite in taking action to end hunger. Hunger Action Month is your opportunity to join a movement that has a real and lasting impact on our efforts to end hunger in our community.

How can you help? It’s easy. We’re asking you to simply Go Orange to fight hunger and change lives. Orange is the color of hunger awareness and we’d like you to Go Orange to help raise awareness of hunger in our community.

Why Go Orange? Because the nearly 49 million people in America who struggle with hunger often do so in silence. They live in our communities; they are our neighbors, our co-workers, and our friends, yet their struggles can go unheard.

How can you Go Orange? You can “Go Orange” by wearing orange, turning your Facebook or other social media orange, blog about hunger in our community, write a letter to the editor and encourage others to “Go Orange” with you. You can even “Go Orange” by volunteering at the food bank or by holding a food/funds drive. There are many ways you can “Go Orange”

To see our 30 Ways in 30 Days calendar and find out how you can incorporate exciting ways to engage in HAM activities throughout the month of September click here or you can download a copy of the 30 Ways in 30 Days calendar here.