44 Turkeys to Kick off this Year’s Turkey Drive

Pam Page was talking to her sister when she heard the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank was in need of turkeys for this holiday season.  She told her husband they needed to do something so today they brought us 44 turkeys to kick-off the 2012 turkey drive.  Pam told us she took up a collection through the Fredericksburg Moose Lodge #1655 and decided she would match their donation.  With $400 in hand Pam approached Wal-Mart store #1833 to see if they could provide the turkeys and provide they did.  In fact, Wal-Mart added an additional $100 worth of gift cards towards the purchase of additional turkeys bringing the total to 44 turkeys weighing over 600 pounds.  Gobble-Gobble Good!

3 thoughts on “44 Turkeys to Kick off this Year’s Turkey Drive

    • Pam,

      We do apologize for saying Elks Lodge instead of Fredericksburg Moose Lodge. We’ve corrected the error on our blog post. We thank you again so much for the donation of turkeys to kick off our 2012 Turkey Drive.

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