Addison Everett’s Birthday Food and Funds Drive

FDAddisonAddison, a kindergartener at Hugh Mercer Elementary celebrated her 6th birthday by holding a food and funds drive to feed other hungry children. She got the idea from a commercial that talked about a girl who collected shoes for a village. Ever since she saw it, she has been asking to “help people” for her birthday because “she has a lot of stuff and some people have none.”

On Monday, Addison and her mom came to the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank to donate 300 pounds of food she collected to accompany the $280 donated online by the community.  Through her birthday, Addison’s efforts will provide over 540 meals to children through the Food-4-Kidz Weekend Feeding Program.

According to Addison, we need to “tell people who will tell people who will tell more people so everyone can help.”

Happy Birthday to Addison and all of the children you are helping through your wonderful example.