School Food Pantry

SFP 182x178Some children wish for dolls and wagons, and some children wish for games and gadgets. The children we see at the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank wish for food.

Having food to eat shouldn’t be anyone’s wish, but it is. Childhood hunger exists in our communities. Many children rely on school breakfast and lunch programs for their only meals. They come home to a literally bare cupboard. These children go to bed night after night with their stomachs aching from hunger. We’re working with local schools and youth programs to help put an end to child hunger in our community. You can help simply by voting for the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank everyday on the Walmart Fighting Hunger Together App on Facebook.

The mission of the School Food Pantry program is to help alleviate child hunger for families in crisis. School-based pantries are located on the grounds of a school to provide a more readily accessible source of  food assistance to students and their families.