Wegmans Donation

Wegmans Donation 042513 2013-04-24 002Wegmans Donation 042513 2013-04-24 007The Wegmans truck arrived early this morning along with several local Wegman’s employees. Pictured are Andrea Reefe, Bernie VanDeWeert, Jennifer Cushman, Nicki Long, Amy Sposato, Ken Phillips, Doug Porter, Brian Yost, Fredericksburg Store Manager, Chris Depumpo, Service Manager, Mike McCarthy.

Wegmans Food Markets delivered 18,569 pounds of non-perishable food to the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank. The donation includes 20 pallets of breakfast items, canned vegetables, baking items and juice.

Wegmans Donation 042513 2013-04-24 013President and CEO Oya Oliver, joined by FAFB Chair Munira A. El-Bearny, was there to greet the employees and delivery truck “we really appreciate all Wegmans brings to the community through providing jobs, the Check Out Hunger campaign and food donations like this to help the neediest families,” said Oliver. “Hunger is all around us everyday and when stores like Wegmans donate food it saves waste and helps strengthen our families.”

Wegmans Donation 042513 2013-04-24 031When the Wegmans tractor-trailer arrives at the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank, Store Manager Chris Depumpo was on hand along with other Wegmans employees to help unload the truck and volunteer in the sortation room. “Food for the hungry is one of our most important giving priorities,” said Depumpo. “We’re proud of our company’s long-standing tradition to make a difference in every community we serve.”

Wegmans Donation 042513 2013-04-24 022Wegmans Donation 042513 2013-04-24 039After off-loading all of the pallets, the Wegmans folks stayed to help sort food for distribution to the hungry.

Thank you to all the Wegmans family for doing all they can to help create a hunger-free community.