Legal Food Frenzy 2013 Winners

We would like to thank all the participants in this year’s Legal Food Frenzy for all their efforts on behalf of the hungry. Together, enough food and funds were collected to provide over 15,000 meals to the hungry of our community. All participants were given points for the amount of food collected, funds collected, if they delivered the food/funds to the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank, early registration, and for volunteering. When all the points were totaled the local winners from Planning District 16 are:

  • 1st Place – Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen (Fredericksburg Office) with a grand total of 6,375 points
  • 2nd Place – Hirschler Fleisher (Fredericksburg Office) with a grand total of 4,725 points
  • 3rd Place – Fredericksburg Public Defenders Office with a grand total of 2,112.5 points

Below is the list of the LLF Statewide Winners going to the Governor’s Mansion for the awards ceremony on June 10, 2013.

The winners of the 7th Annual Statewide “Legal Food Frenzy” Categories:

  • Attorney General’s Cup Winner: Per Capita: B. Cullen Gibson (Norfolk)  17,550 pounds per person
  • Small (1-20) Law Firm: Total Pounds: “The Brunswick Stew Award” Murphy & McGonigle P.C. (Richmond)  30,036 pounds
  • Small (1-20) Law Firm: Per Capita: “The Shenandoah Apple Award” Amy G. Pesesky PLC (Norfolk)  3,125 pounds per person
  • Medium (21-100) Law Firm Total Pounds: “The James River Shad Award”  Christian & Barton LLP (Richmond)  65,743 pounds
  • Medium (21-100) Law Firm Per Capita: “The Hanover Tomato Award”  McKenry, Dancigers, Dawson & Lake P.C. (Virginia Beach)  1,371 pounds per person
  • Large (101 and up) Law Firm Total Pounds: “The Smithfield Ham Award” McGuireWoods LLP (all locations)  161,413 pounds
  • Large (101 and up) Law Firm Per Capita: “The Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Award”  Kaufman & Canoles (all locations)  496 pounds per person
  • Sole Proprietor (1-2) Law Firm Total Pounds: “The Virginia Peanut Award” Reaves Coley, PLLC (Chesapeake)  3,569 pounds
  • Law School Winner of Attorney General’s Cup Total Pounds & Per Capita: University of Richmond School of Law (Richmond)  18,199 pounds & 40 pounds per person
  • Government and Public Service Total Pounds: “The Urbanna Oyster Award”  Office of the Attorney General (Richmond)  96,680 pounds
  • Government and Public Service Per Capita: “The Old Dominion Soybean Award”  Prince William County Attorney’s Office  1,644 pounds per person
  • Legal Department Per Capita: “The Virginia Strawberry Award”  Norfolk Southern Corporation Legal Department (Norfolk)  844 pounds per person