The Numbers Are In

Food-Drive-2013-JPG-1700x2200This year our community donated 71,196 pounds of non-perishables to the NALC’s Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive!! That brings our areas total pounds contributed throughout the years to 380,216 pounds!!!!!

Our original count for the individual post offices was:

Colonial Beach Post Office – 3,216 pounds
Falmouth Post Office – 13,448 pounds
Fredericksburg Post Office – 24,766 pounds
King George Post Office – 6,751 pounds
Spotsylvania Post Office – 7550 pounds

Stafford Post Office – 13,051 pounds

After Saturday’s food drive we had another 2,414 pounds come in from our areas post offices.

We would like to thank everyone who donated to this year’s Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive and give a very special thank you to all of our Letter Carrier’s who make this food drive possible. We look forward to see how next year’s NALC’s Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive turns out.