VDOT Governor’s Bowl Donation

VDOT Governor's Bowl Donation 2013 2013-07-07 022

The donations from this year’s Governor’s Bowl are coming in to the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank.
Robert Poutier, Greg Henion, Angela Foroughi and Greg Henion brought in the donations collected through VDOT on Deacon Road in Fredericksburg.
Bob McDonnell launched the second annual “Governor’s Bowl” food and fund drive which began on Memorial Day and continued through Independence Day, in an effort to keep Virginia’s food banks stocked during the critical summer months.
The employees of VDOT Deacon Road brought in 728 pounds of non-perishable food as well as $250.00 to help take care of neighbors. This donation will help provide over 1,350 meals back to those who are struggling with hunger this summer. Thank you so much to everyone at VDOT!