LifePoint Church Does It Again

With Paint the Town Red 2013


During the week of July 21-28, LifePoint Church members mobilized to “paint the town red” with love through service projects designed to impact the entire community. Impact they did!

On Sunday, July 21, two semi-trucks filled with food pulled into the loading area of the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank to deliver the fruits of their Food Bank Donation Blitz. As the back of the truck was opened, you could see it was packed with large Gaylord boxes filled to the rim with sorted food items.

FAFB Operations Manager Steve Carty state “LifePoint did it again…look at all this food!”

When everything was weighed, in painting the town red, the LifePoint Church members set another Fredericksburg Area Food Bank record by bringing in the fourth largest one day total from a food drive at 32,755 pounds of food.

This means the members of LifePoint now hold the 3rd and 4th place records for one day food drive donations, second only to the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) food drive.

LifePoint church members, your efforts will provide over 27,200 meals back to the hungry and food insecure of our community. This is truly inspiring and much appreciated!

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  1. Spreading the love of Jesus by meeting tangible needs! When the people were hungry Jesus fed them…Praise God for His provision! Love this!

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