Give A Meal

Bank of America will again be the exclusive sponsor of the Give a Meal campaign, taking place from November 18, 2013–January 10, 2014. The purpose of the holiday Give a Meal campaign is to raise awareness of the issue of hunger. Bank of America’s goal is to leverage this campaign to provide support and funding to as many food banks as possible in the Feeding America network.

How does the campaign work?

During the holiday Give a Meal campaign, for every $1 a person donates online at or Bank of America will match it by $2 (up to a match of $1.5 million).  Example:  $10 Donation + $20 Match by Bank of America = $30 Total Donation

Donors will have the ability to choose to donate to their local food bank or to the Feeding America national office.  Gifts designated to food banks will benefit the food bank served by the billing zip code entered by the donor.  If more than one food bank serves the territory of the donor’s billing zip code, the donation will benefit each according to the food banks’ local agreement.  Last year, over 90 percent of the donations were directed locally.

What are the rules?

  • There is a $5.00 minimum donation an individual can make
  • The maximum donation per individual that will be matched by Bank of America is $1,000
  • If an individual makes multiple donations that total more than $1,000, Bank of America will only match $1,000
  • Companies and Foundations cannot participate.  If for some reason a company or foundation donates online, Bank of America will not match their donation
  • Offline donations will not be matched