Spotsylvania Sheriff Delivers Food

Spotsylvania Sheriff delivers food 120513 2013-12-04 009In the ongoing effort to help end hunger for the most vulnerable of our community, Spotsylvania Sheriff Harris (center) along with Deputy Troy Wheeler (left) and Deputy William Lee (right) personally delivered fresh produce and grocery items to the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank.

Since September, the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Department has personally delivered over 12,000 pounds of food to help the hungry of our community.  What a wonderful way to protect and serve and a great example of what can be accomplished by working together.  Thank you Sheriff Harris, Deputy Wheeler and Deputy Lee for all of your efforts and the efforts of all the Spotsylvania County deputies for all you do to help make Spotsylvania a great place from which to live and work.

Spotsylvania Sheriff delivers food 120513 2013-12-04 014