Addison’s Birthday Food & Funds Drive

Addison EverettAddison Everett, a first grader at Hugh Mercer Elementary, turned 7 on January 27, and she celebrated by holding her 2nd Annual Food and Funds Drive to help the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank.  Last year before her 6th birthday, Addison saw a commercial on the Disney channel that talked about a girl who collected shoes for a village.  After seeing the commercial, she has been asking to “help people” for her birthday because “she has a lot of stuff and some people have none.”  After touring the food bank last year during her donation drop off, Addison decided to make giving back part of her birthday tradition.

Addison celebrated her 7th birthday in style.  She rolled up her sleeves, enlisted the help of her family and friends to collect 1,341 pounds of food, and $540.00 in online and cash donations which will provide 2,700 meals for families struggling with food insecurity and hunger.  According to Addison, we need to “tell people who will tell people who will tell more people so everyone can help.”  Thank you so much Addison for a wonderful birthday example.