The end of the harsh winter is near and spring is (finally) on the horizon. Many of us are looking to better ourselves in preparation for the spring cleanse and National Nutrition Month in March is the perfect time to get started!

Throughout the month of March, we’re working with our partner foodtweeks™ to make your food better for you while providing real, nutritious meals to real families in our community.

What is foodtweeks™? foodtweeks™ is a free mobile app for Android and iPhone devices featuring a search engine database of calorie trimming Tweeks to the foods you love to make at home or enjoy at your favorite restaurants. Every time you use the app and save yourself calories, they donate to our organization, helping us put nutritious food on the table for people struggling with hunger in our community.

In celebration of National Nutrition Month, and to help provide better nutrition for all, foodtweeks will triple your food bank donation when you share YOUR go-to Tweeks and tips for trimming calories from your foods on Facebook and Twitter and tag their page.Share your Tweek

Get started by downloading the app here:

For iPhone
For Android

Input promo code FredFood to have all the calories you save benefit our food bank!

Help us spread the word by forwarding this email to your friends, family and colleagues so that they too can make a difference this month.

Thank you for your valued support!

Learn more about foodtweeks at and follow on Twitter and Facebook.