Green Beans and Ice Cream

20150629_162152Lily Noakes battled cancer most of her life but she did not let that stop her from living each day to the fullest.  Earlier this year at the tender age of 7, Lily, a fist grader at Conway Elementary lost her battle with cancer but for Ms. Corwin’s class and the school, Lily left a legacy of love and life.  One of Lily’s favorite foods was green beans so in the tradition of love and life, Lily’s classmates and the entire school honored her by gathering after school to have an ice cream party and collect green beans for those continuing to struggle.   Principal J.R. Raybold stopped by the FRFB this week to share how Lily’s life had such a positive impact on the school and to deliver 127 pounds of green beans collected for those in need in honor of Lily.   Thank you Lily and Conway Elementary!