10th Annual Legal Food Frenzy

The FRFB would like to thank all the participants in this year’s Legal Food Frenzy for all their efforts on behalf of the hungry. Together, enough food and funds from this statewide event were collected to provide over 9,100 meals to the hungry of our community. All participants were given points for the amount of food collected, funds collected, if they delivered the food/funds to the FRFB, early registration, and for volunteering. When all the points were totaled the local top two winners from Planning District 16 are:

1st Place – Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen (Fredericksburg & Stafford Office) with a grand total of 8,960 points;
2nd Place – Hirschler Fleischer (Fredericksburg Office) with a grand total of 5,000 points.

Together these two offices gathered enough food and funds to provide over 9,100 meals to help create a hunger-free community. Everyone at Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen – Stafford and Fredericksburg as well as everyone at the Fredericksburg office of Hirschler Fleischer you really raised the bar. We want you to know how much this is needed and appreciated by those that are struggling and we thank you.

One thought on “10th Annual Legal Food Frenzy

  1. Not a surprise at all! These two firms have kind-hearted, generous advocates and we are proud to have attorneys from both their firms on our board of directors. Congratulations to Allen and Allen and Hirschler Fleischer!

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