Congressman Wittman Volunteers

unnamed (2)The FRFB Mobile Pantry was very busy last week with folks needing food assistance at the R&D Campground distribution site.

Congressman Rob Wittman and members of his staff stopped by to lend a helping hand and provided food and support to 66 families in the local area.

The Mobile Pantry Program Program provides direct food distribution to those in need from 10 sites located in remote areas of Planning District 16.

Thank you to all the volunteers, the Congressman and his staff for donating time and talent to make our community great.

Fresh Produce at the Mobile Pantry

Mobile Pantry Fresh Produce 2014-08-19 005Beautiful, fresh, local produce has been delivered and is awaiting distribution tomorrow to area families through the Mobile Food Pantry, a program of the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank.  This fresh produce will help the 3,000 individuals and children living in remote areas struggling with hunger and food insecurity who depend on the Mobile Food Pantry to help meet their nutritional requirements.  Through a generous grant from Walmart, the food bank is able to purchase local produce for the Mobile Food Pantry each week to provide for the needs of residents in Stafford, Spotsylvania, Caroline, King George, Locust Grove and the City of Fredericksburg.  We love fresh and local to help neighbors in need.  Thank you Walmart.

Walmart Saves The Day!

Walmart Saves the Day! The Fredericksburg Area Food Bank receives $50,000 to purchase local produce for the Mobile Pantry Program.

Fredericksburg, VA  –  July 30, 2014:  Over 3,000 residents depend on the food provided by the Mobile Pantry to help them close the meal gap resulting from loss of income and the decrease in SNAP benefits.  The Mobile Pantry, a program of the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank (FAFB), provides food to remote or underserved areas throughout Planning District 16.  There are 10 Mobile Pantry stops between Stafford, Spotsylvania, Caroline, King George and the City of Fredericksburg that provide a supplemental food resource for families and seniors experiencing food insecurity.

The Wal-Mart Foundation State Giving Program has provided $50,000 to allow the FAFB to purchase fresh produce throughout the year to increase the variety and nutritional content of food going out to those in need.  According to Dayna Klein, FAFB Grants Manager, “Walmart has been very generous.  We did not receive any United Way funding this year for the Mobile Pantry Program and that raised great concern as to whether we would be able to continue to provide the service.  Thank goodness Walmart is allowing us to use this grant funding to help support local farmers while supporting the program.” According to Klein, the Walmart funds are being allocated each month to purchase direct from several local farmers in an effort to provide food to those in need and support buying local.

Last year, nearly 21,000 people across the Fredericksburg region received food provided through the food bank’s network of partner agencies and organizations.  The need has increased this year.  Oya Oliver, CEO of the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank says, “Hunger has reached into middle class households.  Hundreds of families are now seeking food assistance that never needed to before due to unemployment or underemployment.  The funding from the Wal-Mart Foundation State Giving Program will allow the Mobile Pantry Program to provide fresh, local produce  to those in need while supporting buying local throughout the year.”

Hunger is every day.  Non-perishable food items and volunteers are always needed.  A wish list of most needed food items is available on the web site.  For more information, go online to or call the food bank at 540-371-7666.

Fredericksburg Area Food Bank – serving Planning District 16 that includes the counties of Stafford, Spotsylvania, King George,  Caroline and the city of Fredericksburg, as well as neighboring communities.  The food bank secures and distributes more than 3.5 million pounds of donated food and grocery products annually; and supports over 70 local charitable agencies, operating more than 160 programs including emergency shelters, food pantries, Kids on the Go summer feeding, Club Kids after school snack programs, Food for Life senior feeding programs, Mobile Pantry and soup kitchens.   For more information on the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank, please visit

Mobile Pantry Matching Gift Challenge

During the month of June the food bank had a Matching Gift Challenge to support our Mobile Pantry Program. A total of $2,526.00 was donated by our local donors, add to that the $1,000 our local family offered to match and our total comes to $3,625.00!

We’d like to thank everyone who donated to the Mobile Pantry Program during this time.

To learn more about ways you can help the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank, click here.

To learn more about the Mobile Pantry Program, click here.

Matching Grant Challenge

Funding for the Mobile Pantry Program is down. The FAFB has been challenged by a local family to raise $1,000 in community support over the next 30 days to provide healthy food thru the summer months. At the end of 30 days, the amount donated up to $1,000 will be matched by the family to provide food for the 3,000 people who depend on this supplemental program to provide food for their families.

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Mobile Pantry Update

Livingston Elementary has agreed to be our newest stop for the Mobile Pantry making it the 9th Mobile Pantry location. Our first stop to Livingston Elementary on January 11, 2012 was a wonderful success.

If you’re interested in volunteering with the Mobile Food Pantry Program contact:

Manager of Volunteer Services
Cybele Brooks
(540) 371-7666


Agency Relations & Programs Director
Mishelle Krogstad
(540) 371-7666 ext 134

For more information on the Mobile Food Pantry Program visit our Programs page here.

Launch of the Kraft Foods Mobile Pantry Truck

On Wednesday morning August 17, representatives from Kraft Food, Giant, the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank Board of Directors and the community met at the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank to speak out about hunger, sort and pack food boxes and roll out the new Kraft Foods/Feeding America Mobile Pantry truck.

Executive Director, Oya Oliver welcomed all the guests and Fredericksburg Area Food Bank President Penny Crabtree spoke to the audience about the positive impact this truck will have on the lives of all those in our community who may not have access to an adequate food supply. John Lippolis, Senior Director, Customer Marketing and Insights for Kraft Foods was on hand to outline Kraft’s commitment to help fight hunger in our community and across the nation and longtime supporter, Jamie Miller, Manager of Public & Community Relations Giant Food oversaw the delivery of 20,000 pound of food to help fill the truck for its maiden voyage.

Senator Edd Houck was on hand to welcome the visitors and say a few words to ensure the launch of the Kraft Mobile Pantry truck was a huge success.

The caravan of representatives followed the Kraft Mobile Pantry truck to its first stop at the Dahlgren Harbor Apartments to speak with the residents and work one on one with the community to provide nutritious food to those in need. The refrigerated vehicle will bring a “farmers’- market-on-wheels” to a different underserved area each week, which will expand the reach of the food bank while delivering fresh fruit, vegetables and other nutritious staples to residents throughout Planning District 16.

To view photos from the day click here.