Happy Birthday!

Ms. Constance Germain had her 90th birthday party last week and she wanted to do something special!

Ms. Constance told us that “at 90 you don’t need anything so I wanted to give to the Fredericksburg Food Bank.”

Through the joy of the day and the wonderful well wishes of her friends and family, Constance collected 220 pounds of food and $360 dollars for the food bank.  It was such a happy phone call to let Constance know that through her generosity, 903 meals or just over 10 times her age in food will be provided to those struggling with hunger.

Constance is “going to tell everyone” and so are we…

Happy, Happy Birthday Ms. Constance and thank you for making your special day special for so many in our community.

Addison Everett’s 3rd Annual Birthday Food & Funds Drive


Addison Everett, a second grader at Hugh Mercer Elementary, is turning 8 on January 27, and she is celebrating by holding her 3rd Annual Food and Funds Drive to help the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank.

Before her 6th birthday, Addison saw a commercial on the Disney channel that talked about a girl who collected shoes for a village. Ever since she saw it, she has been asking to “help people” for her birthday because “she has a lot of stuff and some people have none.” After touring the food bank during her first donation drop off, Addison decided to make giving back part of her birthday tradition.

She is hoping to grow the amount of food she collects each year as she grows bigger. Last year, she collected 1,341 lbs. of food. According to Addison, we need to “tell people who will tell people who will tell more people so everyone can help.”

To Donate Online To Addison’s Food & Funds Drive Click Here.

To View A List Of Our Most Needed Items Click Here

Donations can be dropped off at these locations:

  • PawnKing, Rt 3 West, Fredericksburg
  • MVP Awards, Rt 3 East, South Stafford
  • Mason Dixon Cafe, 2100 Princess Anne St, Downtown Fredericksburg
  • Therapy Toolbox, 725 Jackson St #211, Downtown Fredericksburg
  • Fredericksburg Studio of the Arts, Five Mile Fork
  • Ferry Farm Baptist Preschool (for church and preschool members only)

Private pick up can be arranged by emailing addisonfooddrive@gmail.com